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Insurance Agent Mark Rafail lives in the Heights with his family, and insures many homes and businesses in the Greater Heights, Oak Forest & Garden Oaks area. He owns an award-winning insurance Agency inside the loop with his wife (and Office Manager) Sylvia Rafail and a friendly staff of six. The Rafail Insurance Agency prides themselves in growing with our clients for nearly 10 years!


Many of us start by renting our first place, then possibly getting engaged, married, buy a home and have children. Rafail Insurance Agency is here to guide you through the proper insurance to make sure you don’t get hit with any financial burden.


Rafail Insurance Agency serves all parts of Houston and it's neighboring communities. While the company serves all areas of the city, Mark Rafail and his team have always had a soft spot for the Heights and its nearby neighborhoods, from Oak Forest to Lindale Park. Rafail Insurance Agency insures well-known area local businesses, such as Heights A/C & Heating, Abundant Living Real Estate, CROM Rehabilitation, and more!


When looking for your neighborhood insurance agency for Houston Heights, Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, Lazybook/Timbergrove, Brook Smith, Lindale Park, First Ward, and beyond, know you're working with an experienced local team!


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Start off your journey right. Make sure your future is covered.

Rafail Insurance Agency


Renters Insurance is often how many of us start. This covers your items inside your rental and even outside of your apartment or rented home, whether you are renting a Heights Garage Apartment, or at an apartment near the White Oak Bayou. Rafail Insurance also covers an items that are stolen out of your vehicle, if your luggage is stolen on a trip, or any hotel expenses if a fire happens. If the damage is your fault, no worries: Rafail Insurance can cover your liability to repair the property. Flood insurance can be as low as $96 per year for $8,000 in coverage if you live on the first floor. No matter what surprises life may throw your way, you are protected with Rafail Insurance.

Marriage is a beautiful step in life, and can trigger the need to protect more parts of your future. Consider the option to bundle your automobile coverage to save money. Love the new ring? Make sure you have the Jewelry Floaters to cover wedding rings and jewelry over $1,000 in value.

Protect the most precious things in life: Your wellbeing and family.

Rafail Insurance Agency


Once you have a mortgage, spouse and a family it is important to insure the most important thing – YOU. Life Insurance is not as black and white as one may think. Some policies can serve as a Tax Free benefit for retirement and some policies can be basic coverage during the years of the mortgage. The rule of thumb is to replace your income for 7-10 years plus pay off your debts.

No matter your budget, having something versus nothing outside of work benefits are wise. Work benefits are often not enough and go away when or if you leave and if you get diagnosed with something. Once that happens, you become uninsurable for the rest of your life. So the sooner the better.

Your home and everything under its roof can fit under our umbrella.

Rafail Insurance Agency


Once you decide to purchase a Home, we have experience with 1000’s of properties in Houston and know exactly how to insure each property to rebuilt it from scratch in the worst case, with the correct insurance policy based on your construction type, square footage and area with reputable companies like Farmers Insurance, AIG, Chubb, SafeCo, Homeowners of America and more we can help find the best coverage.

                Important to know: Flood Insurance is a separate policy and is very affordable with average rates of $450 per year for $250,000 in coverage for your property and $100,000 for your personal belongings. We are all in a Flood Zone however some areas require it and some don’t, the areas that do not require insurance experienced nearly 80% of all flooding. We know Flood Insurance and know many Houstonians were not educated properly.

Once you buy a property, an Umbrella can provide an extra $1,000,000 in liability or more to look over all of your insurance if cause a serious auto accident or house fire causing your liability to run out. This is the “cheapest lawyer” you will find because you are defended and it really protects your home and assets from a law suit.

You worked hard for your own business. Make sure its protected.

Rafail Insurance Agency


Many times we decide to take the leap of faith to start our own business. Mark Rafail knows what it's like -- he started Rafail Insurance Agency himself in 2009! Starting a new business is exciting and there are so many learning curves along the way.


Rafail Insurance Group can guide you through General Liability, Workers Compensation for any employees or covering any of your business personal property. Whether you work from a home office, provide professional services, or have a brick & mortar, Rafail Insurance Agency is here to help your get the business insurance you need for your business.

If you call our office, we will always do our best to accommodate and schedule a meeting at your home to take pictures or meet at our office. Having a relationship with your insurance agency is important. The agents at Rafail Insurance Agency would love to meet you. Mark Rafail alone meets an average of three clients each day, Monday through Friday, to give them the attention needed. We are here for you!


Ready to pick your Insurance plan? Contact us today to get started.

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